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Letter to the Editor: Greyhound Friends ex-director needs to move on

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Letter to Editor

To the Editor:

I shook my head as I saw yet another letter in the Independent from the terminated director of Greyhound Friends, again stating that she was “unfairly portrayed as a wrongdoer.” I do not believe people “have it in for her” as she claims. But I can see why her seeming lack of any remorse spurs people to restate the facts.

This paper and others uncovered the truth, detailing how Louise Coleman misused charitable funds totaling tens of thousands of dollars. State inspectors further reported how sick and injured dogs were neglected, left waiting for medical care — all while the kennel was taking in millions of dollars in donations.

We have all read the grim facts, ad nauseam.

Mrs. Coleman’s only response seems to be that she was acquitted of a felony animal cruelty charge for unsanitary conditions.

It is good to see that Greyhound Friends appears to be moving forward, without the former director at the helm. But I doubt it helps their efforts that Mrs. Coleman continues to use the Hopkinton press to try and place herself center stage. Perhaps if she is truly interested in putting the dogs first, she should move on.

This has been a painful chapter that many of us in town would like to put behind us.


— Sara O’Brien, Hopkinton


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