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Business Profile: Hopkinton Vision Center

by | May 29, 2019 | Business

Make an investment in healthy, happy eyes

Steven Perryman and his staff are committed to providing patients with the utmost customer service and quality care.

When you walk into Hopkinton Vision Center at 10 Cedar St., there’s a welcoming, almost homey, feeling and immediate greeting by friendly staff who will assist with your check-in and arrange for pre-testing, an appointment with Dr. Steve Perryman or anything else.

Dr. Perryman and team are committed to providing patients with the utmost in customer service and quality care. Listening with intent and having a dialogue about one’s condition forms the foundation of their successful patient-professional connection.

“Relationships are important,” Perryman said. “Once we understand your issue, we do our best to explain the condition, treatment and available options. Your comfort and care are paramount.”

Over his years in business, since graduating from the New England College of Optometry in Boston in 1998, Perryman has invested in advanced technologies to meet patients’ needs. His practice has become known as a source of great relief for many who suffer with chronic dry eye, for example.

Although currently not covered under health insurance, the MiBoThermoflo treatment is a cost-effective, therapeutic medical procedure that offers relief.

In a relaxed, spa-like setting, team member Marilee first applies continuous controlled heat to the outer skin of the eyelids, along with ultrasound gel, for a gentle 30-minute massage. The heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened lipids in the Meibomian glands that cause dry eye.

Perryman then completes the treatment with a prescribed therapy regimen, causing the Meibomian glands to open. Ultimately, the glands secret thinner and clearer lipids that allow for a healthier tear film.

Patients love the results of this treatment and most typically need nothing further than three sessions to correct the condition. Occasionally, a patient returns for a maintenance visit.

“Thirty million people suffer with chronic dry eye, and treatment has been limited to home therapy and medications,” Perryman noted, “but most people are still reaching for their eye drops, as the condition’s root cause has not been alleviated. With an investment in this advanced technology, we can provide better care for your eyes.”

Another advantage to Perryman’s practice is having an apprenticed optician, Brittany, who operates the edger machine and produces new lenses for most prescriptions while customers wait. Those patients with a broken lens or needing an emergency replacement pair of eyeglasses most appreciate this valuable onsite service.

All team members are cross-trained, to some extent, so they may assist patients in a timely fashion and accommodate needs.

Frame specialist Sarah manages the Zeiss iTerminal2 device to digitally customize progressive lenses or ensure proper fit of new frame selections. Kiara performs the pre-test screening when Marilee is busy with other patients. Kathyrn is the friendly face at reception, but others fill in as needed.

“Our team works together smoothly,” Brittany offered. “We enjoy working with one another and love working with Dr. Perryman.”

Discover more at www.hopkintonvision.com or call the office at 508-435-4711 to make an appointment.

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