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Letter to the Editor: Kramer compliments duo

by | May 15, 2019 | News

To the Editor:

Both Mary Jo LaFreniere and Shahidul Mannan have the critically necessary experience with municipal finance most needed on the Board of Selectmen, bringing experience from different municipal areas — Mary Jo as an assessor and Shahidul from the Appropriation Committee. Having served on the Select Board myself, I appreciate how complex the financial management issues are and how necessary it is that we elect board members who can provide sound financial leadership.

Mary Jo, a professional assessor, has volunteered on the Board of Assessors in Hopkinton for approximately 10 years. She understands taxes, tax rates, levy limits and taxpayer impact better than most, and she is committed to keeping the needs of all residents from seniors to schoolchildren in mind when making critical financial decisions. Mary Jo also worked as a staffer for State Senator David Magnani during his tenure and is ready day one to help interface successfully with our legislators for Hopkinton’s benefit.

Shahidul has served on the Appropriation Committee for four years and understands the budget process completely. He appreciates the financial nuances and can both deliver a balanced budget and keep the needs of the taxpayer at the forefront. Shahidul additionally has extensive experience in strategic planning, a skill set that will help facilitate a more manageable approach to growth and a more sustainable budget process that protects the taxpayer from ever increasing taxes.

Please vote May 20 for Mary Jo Lafreniere and Shahidul Mannan for Board of Selectmen.

— Muriel Kramer, Hopkinton