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Letter to the Editor: Arena-DeRosa for state representative

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for and endorsement of James Arena-DeRosa for state representative in the Middlesex 8th District. My association with James goes back many years to my time in the state Senate, with the honor of representing Hopkinton. At the time, James and I had the opportunity to work on a number of issues together. As he learned from his association with Peace Corps and serving in local government, James values the importance of listening to the community and being inclusive in his approach to public engagement.

He will work closely with community leaders in Hopkinton, advocate for their concerns and be a leader on critical issues important to the community. These would include, among others, support for education, housing affordability for seniors, investment in town infrastructure and protecting the environment. Over 50 town leaders throughout the district support James because they know he will be their partner.

As a Democrat in the Massachusetts Legislature, he will be in position to deliver for this district. He will be part of the vanguard that is fighting the conservative federal Supreme Court to protect rights we have fought for in Massachusetts, including marriage equity, reproductive rights and climate justice. As someone who has been involved in local and state government in this district, and national government with the Obama Administration, he will help the town navigate the many complex issues facing families, businesses and local government. His endorsements from teachers, nurses, social workers and numerous unions reflect that he will always stand with and support working families.

I am confident that James will follow in the footsteps of Representative Carolyn Dykema, who has endorsed James for state representative, as an outstanding public servant.

James pledges to serve as state representative on a full-time basis so as to be fully accessible and available to the residents of Hopkinton. He is committed to continue the tradition of excellent constituent services which Hopkinton’s residents have come to expect. In all that he does, James will ensure that Hopkinton’s voice is heard when public policy is being developed on Beacon Hill.

I enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of James Arena-DeRosa. He will make an outstanding state representative for the Town of Hopkinton.

— David Magnani, former state senator for Hopkinton

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