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Letter to the Editor: Clark, Herr for Select Board

by | May 12, 2024 | Letter to Editor

Dear fellow residents of Hopkinton,

I would like to applaud all our current town volunteers who have given up their personal time and offered their wisdom, energy and commitment to the Town of Hopkinton. On May 20, we will be electing two new Select Board members. I thank the four candidates for running, and you each offer your own unique expertise. Working in Hopkinton for over 40 years and being a town resident for over 34 years, I have worked with and watched many Select Board members. I have found that the most successful boards are those that bring a mix of what the community needs and wants. Diversity in a Select Board is a good thing.

I am happy to endorse Joe Clark and Brian Herr for the position of Select Board. Joe brings a new perspective to the board; his education and past work experience in accounting and finance will surely be an asset. Joe realizes the importance of small businesses and will be an advocate for them moving into Hopkinton. Joe will bring a unique perspective to the board. A new generation, education, personal knowledge of Hopkinton’s past and an enthusiasm to bring Hopkinton back to working together leads me to endorse Joe Clark in this year’s Select Board election.

Brian has been here and has done a lot. With the town facing severe financial issues, Brian has demonstrated financial restraint while passing many projects for the town. Brian is a calm person who doesn’t let personalities or politics interfere with his decisions. Brian’s education, work experience and past experience as a Select Board member leads me to endorse Brian Herr for this year’s Select Board election.

— Pat O’Brien, Hopkinton

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