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Letter to the Editor: Coutinho ‘a strong leader’

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Letter to Editor

Dear Hopkinton neighbors,

It gives me great pleasure to support John Coutinho in his reelection to the Hopkinton Select Board. Though I am a relatively new member of the Hopkinton community, I have had enough interactions with John to understand his deep and unrelenting commitment to the Town of Hopkinton.

As some of you know, the location of the bus stop for Legacy Farms North students has created serious safety concerns for students and parents alike. When this issue was raised to the Town of Hopkinton authorities, John did a great job of understanding the magnitude of the safety concern — he came out to visit the bus stop numerous times, even during rain and snow, to see the problem firsthand. He arrived at the bus stop before the first bus and left only after talking to the parents of kids in the last bus. He also worked in open meetings, and also behind the scenes on several committees, to identify the best solution, and to expedite the implementation of this solution.

Throughout this entire process, it was evident that John is a strong leader willing to work with people on both sides of an issue, and a man of action. John does not just study and research issues, he goes to the source and gets results. In these unprecedented times of economic and financial instability, we need a leader like John who has the breadth of experience and wherewithal to get things done.

Please join me in supporting John in his reelection to Select Board.

— Ravi Gorti, Hopkinton

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