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Letter to the Editor: Criticism of Select Board inappropriate

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I find it truly pitiful that John Coutinho thinks the negativity in his ad and letter to the editor will get him elected in Hopkinton. This is a distressful approach to a very important position in our town. I have had the utmost respect for our Select Board throughout the years. Never more so than through the pandemic. Coutinho wasn’t there, so throwing shade now seems a moot point. Volunteerism is alive and well in Hopkinton. We are not Democrats or Republicans in our volunteerism. We are citizens who care about our neighbors enough to donate our time. It seems detrimental and adverse to the positivity we need in our town volunteers. I cannot remember anyone blaming the Select Board in 2009 when our last town manager left, because it didn’t happen.

“Stepping on others to get ahead is symptomatic of highly aggressive workplace cultures, which typically produce volatile performance: Think Enron.” [That quote is from] leadership expert Peter Fuda. He goes on to say, “Build strong, strategic networks, help your contacts, develop a reputation for being great at what you do and for bringing out the best in others. That’s a standout combination for anyone’s career.”

— Beth Malloy, Hopkinton

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  1. Darlene Hayes

    “I cannot remember anyone blaming the Select Board in 2009 when our last town manager left, because it didn’t happen.” – Beth Malloy is a very valid point.
    When people reach retirement, celebrate their contributions and wish them well.
    When someone takes a career advancement, even outside our beloved community, celebrate their contributions and wish them well.
    Before the pandemic, for 5- or 6-years town hall saw huge turnovers, so did the school system, fire and police department and never did I see the Selectman at the time blamed for folks retiring, choosing a different career path and advancements to their own journey. Whether it was a fire chief, police chief, town clerk, town treasurer, family services director, admin/support staff, superintendents, principals and vice principals. There was high turnover and internal unrest but never heard any fault the Selectman at that time. It seems as an example; when someone like Josh Hanna who was raised here, served as one of our high school vice principals was able to advance to principal of the Franklin high school, we are proud, congratulate and wish them well.
    This should be true if our town manager is given the opportunity to advance his career and journey, yes, all these changes are felt as loss, but change is inevitable.