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Letter to the Editor: Herr, Clark for Select Board

by | May 17, 2024 | Letter to Editor

I am writing to endorse Brian Herr for a position on the Hopkinton Select Board. I have had the privilege of knowing Brian both personally and professionally. During my time on the Select Board, we dealt with a wide variety of challenges. Brian was always a thoughtful listener, asked good questions and sought to have a thorough understanding of the issues before he cast his vote. Brian has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the Hopkinton community. His leadership, his understanding of Hopkinton, the budget and schools, and his previous experience are something Hopkinton needs now.

I would also like to endorse Joe Clark for Select Board. Joe represents the next generation of volunteers, and he also brings a passion for public service. He has emphasized his commitment to working with the residents and town employees. He has chosen to raise his kids here while recognizing there are serious and costly choices the town must make. His financial background and professional management experience will be an asset toward responsible decision-making.

Hopkinton is a great place to live, but it isn’t perfect. The dedication to education, open space and an ideal location have resulted in one of the most desirable towns in New England to raise a family. It has also led to rapid growth and increased spending, straining our budget and infrastructure. At the same time, Hopkinton has recently lost a tremendous amount of experience in the Fire Department, Police Department, DPW and Town Hall. We cannot forget that a successful municipality is not just an education, but also public safety services, town staff, clean safe water and a strong social fabric. The decisions made in the near future will have a significant impact on Hopkinton’s trajectory. The right choices can keep the town moving in the right direction, but many of those choices won’t be easy. I believe both these candidates will keep the best interests of the residents front and center.

— John Mosher, Hopkinton

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  1. Tom Pratt

    I am writing to endorse Kyla McSweeney for Select Board. I have worked with Kyla on the Cemetary Commission for a number of years. She has the ability to be open minded and thoughtful. She will keep the citizens best interest in mind when making important decisions. Please vote for Kyla in the upcoming election.

    Tom Pratt, Hopkinton


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