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Letter to the Editor: Mental health help available

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Letter to Editor

Mental health photo

Lila Mato created this image as part of a digital photography class project on mental health at Hopkinton High School.

Emotions aren’t always the first thing we see when we look at a person, because they are not physical, they are something that is inside one’s head and body. A person’s mental state isn’t always perfect, as they can feel physically heavy, lazy, hopeless, extremely sad and more when they are struggling. Sometimes a person will not take care of their mental health, and it can lead to problems, including death.

That is something that I would like to change, even if it is just in the town of Hopkinton. Help should always be provided to show that a person is not alone, whether that help comes from a school counselor, a trusted adult, a friend, a hotline or elsewhere. Kids, teenagers and adults should be able to learn more about mental health and how we can prevent issues. As someone who has severely struggled before, I would never want anyone to feel the same way I did. Knowing that, I would do anything to help a person, even if I don’t know their name. Things like this should be taken more serious, and help is always here for everyone.

— Lila Mato, Hopkinton (Hopkinton High School student)

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