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Letter to the Editor: Mimmo for Select Board

by | May 16, 2024 | Letter to Editor

Dear neighbors,

I am writing with passionate support of Peter Mimmo for the Hopkinton Select Board. Peter has unique expertise in matters specifically challenging to our community at this moment.

His thoughtful and measured approach to passionate and potentially divisive questions has been inspiring. He is able to both acknowledge firmly held beliefs of our town and focus on the established legal processes that support solution-focused steps while adhering to legal principles that guide our commonwealth.

Peter is also remarkably kind and empathetic. He is a thoughtful listener; he welcomes conversations and input from all community members to guide his own reflection on town events. Peter’s legal background, particularly in civil rights enforcement and labor law, demonstrates his passion in working to respect the basic protections owed to all members of our community, and demonstrates his commitment to fostering a calm environment, even when people disagree.

Peter’s main priorities in running for Select Board are encouraging commercial economic development while maintaining Hopkinton’s commitment to green initiatives, supporting tax relief for our seniors, and working to address our water and PFAS issues.

Schools are my greatest passion, Peter has one son still in HPS and another in college — it is important to me that he understands and values our public school system. I trust Peter to weigh all the options during tough conversations, and choose a path that will best support Hopkinton’s success. I look forward to voting for Peter Mimmo on May 20 and ask you to join me!

— Jamie Wronka, Hopkinton

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