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Letter to the Editor: Mimmo for Select Board

by | May 13, 2024 | Letter to Editor

Please join me in voting for Peter Mimmo for Select Board.

Peter is professionally and personally experienced and equipped to help lead the town through the difficult challenges ahead. Peter is an attorney and navigates complex and difficult topics or situations including arbitration processes daily in his professional life. He is smart, thoughtful and approachable; he will make decisions based on facts, evidence and reason even or especially when the decisions involve challenging or emotionally charged topics. Peter currently serves on the Board of Assessors and is known to prepare thoroughly and engage thoughtfully with individuals appearing before the board, folks who are often facing very challenging circumstances that impact them personally.

Peter will engage and listen with deep respect even if you are not in agreement on a particular issue, and he has an established track record for doing his homework, interacting respectfully even when not in agreement on a matter, and then responding with candor. Additionally, he is preparing to hold office hours, increasing his accessibility for engagement on the issues that matter to you.

Peter is an avid supporter of the Hopkinton Public Schools, understands the financial challenges ahead, and is also mindful and prepared to assertively support tax relief for seniors. He has also asserted his commitment to pursue economic development opportunities that capitalize on our newly established platinum rating.

We do need new voices on the board to help us continue to successfully navigate real challenges — the Police Department’s ongoing personnel matter, high-stakes budget challenges working to support our excellent schools and protect the economically vulnerable in our community, water quality concerns and the budget pressures we will face there, as well as respectful engagement across invested constituency groups. Peter brings his professional experience as an attorney and an ability to engage thoughtfully on all the issues. He will respectfully accommodate and address divergent and complex interests, work to build solutions that close gaps across interest groups, and remain invested in solutions that serve the whole town.
Please join me in voting for Peter Mimmo on May 20. He will be good for the Board and good for Hopkinton.

— Muriel Kramer, current chair of the Hopkinton Select Board

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