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Letter to the Editor: Munroe, Stephenson for School Committee

by | May 11, 2023 | Letter to Editor

I am writing in support of Adam Munroe and Susan Stephenson for Hopkinton School Committee. I have devoted my career to public education and now serve as a Hopkinton Library Trustee because free and equitable access to the development of broad and deep knowledge and skills is the foundation for individual and collective flourishing now and in the future.

Public schools and libraries are the cornerstones of education in every community. Some of the most passionate and carefully considered work that the Library Board of Trustees has engaged in over the past year has been concerted, united efforts to condemn censorship and to shore up policies to protect against its threats. A number of our Massachusetts peer districts have had to respond to specific attempts at censorship, which have both threatened freedom to learn and also targeted specific student groups. Considering the efforts I have seen our library and our peer districts compelled to make, Hopkinton needs the same clarity of mind regarding censorship among our School Committee members.

Certainly there are other issues to consider when voting for School Committee members, such as experience in the field of education, broad knowledge of diverse needs of students and familiarity with the operations of public institutions. On these factors as well as on their adamant stances against censorship, I will be voting for Adam Munroe and Susan Stephenson for School Committee.

— Anne Beauchamp, Hopkinton (mother of three Hopkinton Public Schools students)

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