Letter to the Editor: Open schools now


My head is spinning as I navigate through myriad media platforms trying to understand the proper tack to take regarding our schools. Why can’t we all hope to get back to the way things used to be using the brick and mortar model exclusively this fall?

Empirical data from different countries reveal that perhaps 5 percent of children pass the virus on. Relying on distant learning without standards of available technology restricts throughput, and platooning classes between days can have no other effect than to dilute outcomes.

How much longer can parents continue to simultaneously guide their students through classwork and working from home with their regular job within the same timeframe?

At the end of the day, school regulations and organization are managed by local governments. I invite the School Department and School Committee to put the necessary preparations in place so schools can open near Labor Day.

— David Hamacher, Hopkinton

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