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Letter to the Editor: Police chief must speak out against racism

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Letter to Editor

Dear Chief Bennett,

I strongly support our local police department in their role in keeping our community safe. However, when push comes to shove, I support the concept of justice more than I support any of the people in specific positions. Humans are fallible, so when it comes to choosing an ideal over any set of people, the people are at a distinct disadvantage.

This may seem unfair and fickle, and it is. But the current climate of distrust after the death of yet another black man, George Floyd, in police custody it offers you an opportunity to bolster your affiliation with justice. You need to take that opportunity and make a statement about the ideals of the Hopkinton Police Department. You need to state not only that Hopkinton is a place where all residents are treated fairly, but you also need to state what steps you have taken to ensure that such a tragedy will never happen in our community.

I stand with my neighbors of all colors in demanding you take a stand with justice. If you fail to make such a stand, it will be clear to those you serve that you are part of the problem.


Marianne Delorey, Hopkinton