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Letter to the Editor: Resident opposes South Street rezoning

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Letter to Editor

In response to a recent letter to the editor submitted by Peter Bemis, (“Resident withdraws South Street zoning petition,” April 21), I am writing for the opportunity to provide clarification.

Mr. Bemis asserted that [representatives from Marguerite Concrete] “have held many meetings with neighbors” regarding plans, resulting in “positive support.” In fact, there has only been one meeting with neighbors, a contentious meeting, with neighbors walking away with more questions than answers, feeling unheard.

In terms of being “committed to upgrading sidewalks on Hayward Street,” sidewalks for this project would be limited to the 65 feet of sidewalk in front of Ko restaurant. Sidewalks on Hayward Street essentially do not exist.

Concerning Mr. Bemis’ commitment to “satisfying all DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] stormwater management requirements standards,” certainly complying with state and local regulations should simply be considered a given. There are no options to do otherwise.

Mr. Bemis concludes with his hope that Marguerite Concrete will provide revenue for the town and jobs for its residents. I hope they can, too, as our community’s financial stability is vital to us all. May I respectfully ask Mr. Bemis and Mr. Marguerite to consider, however, providing revenue and jobs for our community on one of the many vacant lots currently zoned for industrial development?

I ask you to please consider voting no on no action and no on Article 29 at Town Meeting.

It’s just not necessary and not safe for the Maspenock/Sandy Beach community, which belongs to all of us.

— Judy Mills, Hopkinton

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