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Letter to the Editor: Richards-Cavanaugh, Devlin, Morand for School Committee

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Letter to Editor

Hopkinton has a unique opportunity this year to elect three members to the School Committee. In this critically important election, we are proud to support Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh, Jenn Devlin and Holly Morand for the three School Committee seats.

Over the next few years, the School District will need to address the space challenges created by our growing population, including potential new school buildings and building expansion. The increased demand on our schools also requires skill in maintaining a fiscally responsible budget that continues to fund the programs that make Hopkinton one of the best school districts in Massachusetts. Additionally, we need to ensure that we have the necessary support in place to retain our talented educators and administrators.

Solving these challenges requires dedicated volunteers who are engaged and willing to learn, consider all factors and make decisions that are in the best interest of Hopkinton schools. We know firsthand that being a member of the School Committee takes work, curiosity and humility to recognize that input from others is required to make thoughtful decisions. We cannot rely on anything less than our most serious and committed candidates for this position.

In her six years on the School Committee, Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh has worked tirelessly for our schools. She asks tough questions but also respects the knowledge of the dedicated educators who make recommendations to the committee. Nancy has valuable experience and perspective to make decisions that will help Hopkinton continue to excel as a school district.

Jenn Devlin brings experience from three years on the School Committee and combines it with a curiosity that allows her to learn about complex issues from diverse viewpoints and make thoughtful decisions in the best interest of Hopkinton’s students, staff and community members.

As a former HPTO president, Holly Morand understands the issues facing our schools and has helped find creative ways to fund initiatives that improve our school curriculum. More importantly, Holly brings a thoughtfulness and empathy that will ensure all voices are heard when considering difficult issues.

The work of the School Committee over the next few years is going to be increasingly challenging. That is why we are supporting the candidates we believe will best be able to meet those challenges, Nancy Richards Cavanaugh, Jenn Devlin and Holly Morand.

— Jon and Erin Graziano

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