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Letter to the Editor: Rise above partisan politics, support Coutinho

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Letter to Editor

When it comes to partisan political division, don’t let “it all start here.”

I’m an “unenrolled” voter (aka independent). I’ve supported blue and red candidates, and I didn’t support the current presidential administration.

I can understand people’s rationale for maintaining party lines when voting for our lawmakers at the national level. Those elected set national policy and make appointments to sometimes lifetime positions with the power to make pro-life/pro-choice types of decisions. They help set taxes and determine what programs to fund — our only voice is when we vote for them. Most people don’t agree with everything they stand for, but we pick what’s most important to us.

Our state-level representatives affect a more localized set of laws and taxes in the same manner. Again, the only voice we truly have is when voting for the candidates.

Local politics, Hopkinton politics, is different. We elect neighbors who are expected to take care of neighbors — regardless of the “I,” “R” or “D” next to their names. Most Hopkinton voters, regardless of affiliation, expect officials to ensure our town is safe, our kids have best-in-class schools and we have well-maintained fields on which to play. Our officials should protect all taxpayers so people on fixed incomes aren’t forced out. Our officials represent all neighborhoods and neighbors — regardless of age, race, creed, orientation or economic background.

The divisiveness of partisan politics has frozen progress at many levels. The merits of a bill don’t matter as much as who proposed it. Hopkinton has no place for this. Most people want the same thing for the town — regardless of party affiliation.

Take a look at the candidates and ask who stands out in their willingness to put time and effort into improving Hopkinton. Who has the experience and knowledge to guide Hopkinton through the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 fallout?

The truthful answer is simple. Both candidates for the Select Board care for Hopkinton, but John Coutinho has a record of working harder for us than any other member of the board in recent history. John’s accomplishments could fill an entire page in the newspaper. John listens and tries to help everyone in Hopkinton!

Don’t let divisive rhetoric spewed on social media blind you to the best candidate. Don’t let that brand of politics start here — we are One Town. Please join me and vote for John Coutinho on June 29th, or earlier by absentee ballot.

— Todd Cestari, Hopkinton

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