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Letter to the Editor: Ritterbusch gets nod

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Letter to Editor

I’ve had the pleasure to work with both John Coutinho and Amy Ritterbusch, first with Amy on the Planning Board and then with John on the Select Board. I can honestly say that both are very dedicated to the Town of Hopkinton and care deeply for the well being of everyone. For me to pick one over the other is an agonizing decision and I can honestly say that the town is in good hands with either candidate.

What I’ve seen in Amy is incredible hard work, with her work on the Planning Board, eHop, Historic Commission and Design Review. She is always prepared, thoughtful with a deep upstanding of the issues. She brings her own unique perspective that is always well thought out.

I’ve seen a true love of the town and the diversity within it from John. He truly wants to make the town better, through community building and dedication. He has tirelessly devoted his time and energy into it any way he can.

So as I’ve said, we’re in good hands, but I endorse Amy because I believe Amy’s professionalism and dedication to the town as a member of the Select Board will help guide us in the right direction as we navigate through the incredible challenges the future holds.

— Irfan Nasrullah, Hopkinton

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