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Letter to the Editor: Save Deer Run Sanctuary forest

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Letter to Editor

Help! Hopkinton’s east side is being invaded by detrimental forces from the sun, who wish to destroy this magnificent forested expanse open to hikers, nature lovers, bicyclists.

[Hopkinton Area Land Trust’s] Deer Run Sanctuary is completed by the “Liberty Mutual” forest, which surrounds it. One can, and does, get lost in this expanse of ferns, trees, bird calls. This greater forest has been a natural escape from the present world of problems for many, many years, with Liberty Mutual’s cooperation.

Now, during the pandemic, Liberty Mutual has sold its part to a Connecticut solar company, leaving the Deer Run Sanctuary pared down to a minimum.

Hopkinton’s Planning Board and Conservation Commission can stop the pending project, a sure “detriment to the neighborhood and the town” according to town bylaw 210-203 D2. The northern parcel, the forest, can continue to be enjoyed by residents; the southern parcel with the sustainable building and gardens can become senior rental housing, which Hopkinton sorely needs, with no expansion [or] any building construction on the lot.

Readers, residents, officials, please write or email to support your appreciation of this forested oasis in its entirety at 71 Frankland Road. Don’t wait, urgent need to write or email.

— Ann Karnofsky, Hopkinton


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