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Letter to the Editor: Scouting for Food event upcoming

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Letter to Editor

I am writing to spread the awareness and instructions of the upcoming Scouting For Food event. As part of a national Boy Scouts of America program, Scouting for Food in Hopkinton is organized by the Hopkinton Scout Leaders Association and includes the Hopkinton Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts. The effort supports the Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry. The mission of this project is to collect food and cleaning supplies to provide to people who can’t afford them and need help. The event is split between two parts, the first being the drop-off, which will be on Saturday, November 6th, where Scouts will go around town putting plastic bags with instructional fliers onto people’s mailboxes. The second step is the pickup, which is going to be on Saturday, November 13th. This is where scouts will collect bags of food placed at the bases of people’s mailboxes, sort the food at the Town Common and deliver filled bins to the Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry at 109 South Street. There is one exception for what Project Just Because will take — no products with expiration dates prior to January 2022 can be accepted by the pantry.

Last year, despite COVID, the event managed to accumulate 10 tons of food and household supplies, at the top of our average of six to 10 tons over the past decade. With the drive’s help, Project Just Because has been able to feed and help more than 300 Hopkinton families. Thanks in advance to everyone who is able to give!

— Harrison Bograd, Troop 1, Hopkinton

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