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Letter to the Editor: Statistics validate concerns about pit bulls

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I really disagree with our local veterinarian who was calling others in the public “ignorant” and that “it is unfair to single out pit bulls,” when someone notes future dog adopters “should be careful with pit bulls.” The statement “Be careful with pit bulls” is based on truth and fact. We live in a world where statistics don’t lie. Though pit bulls can be a loving pet “most” of the time, the potential for a bite causing injury, lawsuits and even death has a much higher potential with pit bulls vs. other breeds simply because of their head/jaw strength and their lineage of being attack/fighting dogs. Anyone stating “be careful with pit bulls” is 100 percent correct in asking people to think twice and hard about their decision when considering adopting or getting a new puppy. Your decision could directly affect you or someone you love. Pit bulls have a laundry list of awful statistics. See Dogsbite.org for national dog bite statistics and lots of information.

From the website: “From 2005 to 2020, pit bulls killed 380 Americans, a rate over seven times higher than the next closest breed, Rottweilers, with 51 deaths,” and, “In the 15-year data set (2005 to 2019), there were 74 owner-directed attacks, when a dog kills its primary owner. Pit bulls inflicted 62 percent (46) of these deaths, over 11 times more than any other dog breed.” Eliminate pit bulls and we could potentially eliminate up to 66 percent of human deaths by dogs. In my opinion it’s a no-brainer. Many towns and even countries have done so. My opinion is only my opinion … my opinion is that pit bulls should be illegal. Choose a different breed.

Of note, my friend’s female Rottweiler was a model dog who aggressively barked at someone only three times in her whole life, while on the flip side, in a different household, the Rottweiler of my cousin’s 10-year-old grandson killed him.

— Steven West, Hopkinton

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  1. Jake

    Never adopt a pitbull, they will break your heart. Somebody will shoot it or you will have to euthanize it, after you’re bonded with it.

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