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Letter to the Editor: Town’s emergency personnel deserve praise

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Letter to Editor

I was witness to an incident Sept. 7 outside of my home where an individual in distress was in the woods alone. A number of Hopkinton Police officers (and one Milford PD cruiser) and one Hopkinton ambulance showed up and assisted with the search. A drone and a K-9 were brought in, and after two hours of what looked like an intense search, the individual was found and placed in the waiting ambulance.

I can only imagine how this individual’s loved ones felt, and this letter is to commend our Hopkinton Police and Fire/EMT forces. These emergency responders walked through woods filled with ticks, poison ivy and mosquitoes, in addition to overgrown thick brush, tree limbs and roots, with only their flashlights. They most likely had to continue on with their night shift and tend to other emergencies.

Far too often in today’s world, people are quick to criticize but are not nearly as forthcoming with praise as we should be. I hope this letter changes that in some small way and the rest of Hopkinton realizes that we have heroes among us. Thank you Hopkinton Police and Fire/EMT! You made our family and neighbors so proud to live here!

— Christine Curren, Hopkinton

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