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Business Profile: Moe Coelho Porcelain capitalizes on countertop trend

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Business, Featured

Moe Coelho Porcelain

Chief financial officer Bianca Zimmer (left) and Founder Moe Coelho of Moe Coelho Porcelain stand in front of a porcelain cutting machine in their Hopedale fabrication center.

Moe Coelho Porcelain believes in a future for countertops, fireplaces, vanities and other centerpieces beyond granite, quartz and marble fabrications.

“The new trend, it is porcelain,” owner Moe Coelho said in a recent interview with Fabricator Spotlight. “If you want something to be beautiful and efficient and to improve your quality, you need to invest.”

Coelho founded his shop in Hopedale in 2019 as a subdivision of Sudbury Granite, his older business of more than 20 years. The porcelain shop creates custom installations — in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces — for private homes as well as retail businesses, hotels, schools and other entities.

The porcelain borrows from European tastes, and provides a highly durable, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-porous and often better alternative to traditional stone.

Coelho’s most recent innovation offers a space-saving and safer alternative to traditional stovetops.

Chief financial officer Bianca Zimmer worked for Sudbury Granite for 13 years before joining Coelho in his newest venture. She describes the Invisacook as an invisible set of burners installed under a porcelain countertop.

The Invisacook works through induction to cook food on top of the porcelain in a way that is touch-safe for children. Customers can install the stove under pre-existing porcelain countertops and control the burners remotely through a smartphone. It also automatically shuts off after use.

Zimmer says she has received a positive reaction to the Invisacook for its beauty, ease of access and ease of cleaning.

“I think it is the future, and I believe that it will save you time and your kitchen will be clean,” Zimmer said. She added that in the post-Covid era when people rediscover the pleasure of entertaining others in their homes and kitchens are crowded with guests once again, “It will save a lot of space on your countertop.”

Coelho’s porcelain fabrication center spans more than 20,000 square feet. Computer-programmed machines at the center cut slabs of porcelain, granite and quartz according to precise digital measurements of the client’s installation space.

The porcelain shop offers 22 styles of porcelain from Italy from which to choose: patterns of colors and striations like Urban Gold, Onyx Blue, Toro, Absolute White Silk and many more. Zimmer said seven new styles are coming soon.

The center also will add another porcelain-cutting machine to meet increasing demands.

Moe Coelho Porcelain (moecoelhoporcelain.com) survived the pandemic without laying off any workers, despite reduced hours, profits and other difficulties. Zimmer said some commercial clientele placed orders during the winter, which helped keep the company afloat.

“In the winter we were working late sometimes to deliver work,” Zimmer said. “My partner, I was with him on the phone, and I almost cried because I said, ‘You know what? I just brought pizza to everybody. We’re starving, we’re exhausted, but we’re so happy because we know many businesses don’t have the opportunity to keep their doors open, and we do.’ ”

Moe Coelho Porcelain’s showroom is located at 12 Rosenfeld Drive in Hopedale. More information can be found at moecoelhoporcelain.com or by calling 866-578-6631.

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