Photos: Happy Birthday, Scotty Mackin

Scotty Mackin birthday2 5-31-20
Scotty Mackin (in white shirt, next to his mother, also in white) waves to well-wishers during his birthday parade Sunday morning in front of Hopkinton High School. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Scotty Mackin, who has served as a manager of the Hopkinton High School football team since he was a teenager and added baseball and basketball to his resume about 20 years ago, celebrated his 56th birthday Sunday morning with a drive-by celebration in front of the school.

The parade of well-wishers was led by vehicles from the town’s Police Department and Fire Department. Then coaches, current and former students and friends drove by with honks and waves.

Scotty Mackin birthday1 5-31-20
Cars line up in front of Hopkinton High School as part of Scotty Mackin’s birthday celebration. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR


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