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Photos: Russ Phipps celebrates 101st birthday with drive-by celebration

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Featured, Featured: Features

A drive-by birthday celebration was held Wednesday to honor Russ Phipps on his 101st birthday. Phipps still lives in the home he built on Winter Street after returning from serving in World War II.

“I can’t come up with words to describe [what it means], you people doing all of this,” Phipps told the crowd after being serenaded with the “Happy Birthday” song. “I’m amazed is all I can say.”

Phipps will participate in another event Thursday at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson.

Russ Phipps

Russ Phipps (center) poses with his daughter, Marci Caporizzo, and his son, Rusty. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps drives to the festivities in his tractor. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps walks around his tractor. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps checks out a Sherman tank that was sent from the American Heritage Museum for the event. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps salutes police during the drive-by. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps greets a youngster. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Russ Phipps

Phipps says hello to some of the attendees. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

1 Comment

  1. The Russ Phipps Family

    Great job Jerry….again you were remarkable in capturing the celebration as you did a year ago. Our family so appreciate your diligence and talent to capture ‘Our Dad’ enjoying life and friends on yet another milestone. He means to world to us and to be able to bring this type of a remarkable day to a very special guy is worth millions. As I sit here showing him all the celebrations he has participated in over the last few days it is inspiring to see his joy at having lived his life ‘his way’….a gentle giant and friend to all. One of his favorite sayings is ‘You all come back now’….so we may just be touching base with you again next December 28th for his 102…..Thanks again for your support

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