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Schools Notebook: Robotics, BPA students earn awards

by | May 29, 2022 | Education


Hopkinton Middle School robotics Team 1715Y Robochickens show off their Design Award at the VEX Robotics World Championships last month in Dallas.

The Hopkinton High School Hopkinetics robotics teams took home some hardware from the VEX Robotics World Championships in Dallas last month.

Team 2602H (Rylee Blair, Emily Kimball, Joseph Marcinowski, Disha Mudenur, Jahnavi Prudhivi, Dylan Striek, Alexander Tannenbaum) and Team 2602J (Chloe Barnes, Rithika Kilari, Shrija Kumar, Peter Liang, Aditya Patel, Srilakshmi Venkatesan, Amanda Ye) won Google Community Service Awards — two of only 10 teams worldwide to be so honored. Team 2602H also received the divisional Innovate Award.

Team 2602A (Vashita Malisetty, Krutarth Parmar, Srikar Ravi, Sooraj Sambasivam, Anshu Velur) made it into the divisional playoffs. Team 2602F (Hunter Bertucci-Bissonnette, Nicholas Ekstrom, Paul Hagberg, Treavor Weeden, Akilesh Yelchuru) participated in the event as well. …

The Hopkinton Middle School RoboHillers also fared well at the VEX Worlds. “This was our strongest showing at VEX Worlds to date,” noted coach Pat Allen.

Team 1715B (Abhishek Sakthi Kannan, Agam Bhatia, Anish Sai Kisari, Divit Vallandas, Nabhit Srivistava, Pushkar Reddy Potli, Rudra Pachori, Shrivas Kumar) made it to the division finals and won a World STEM Research Project Award for biomimicry in engineering — one of 15 such awards that are handed out worldwide.

Team 1715Y (Arav Gavade, Evelyn Zuo, Harshil Hari, Simrit Kukreja, Thomas Fitzgerald, Vaagmi Shukla, Vishuddi Makeshwaran) advanced to the division finals and won the Design Award for its division — one of 10 such awards worldwide.

Team 1715P (Anand Narendran, Josh Vaughn, Pahlaj Sharma, Preston Wellington, Puneeth Gurrala, Shri Dasari, Suren Sahakyan, Vikrant Ramesh) made it to the division finals, and Team 1715C (Abran Rayan, Anna Parduhn, Benjamin Ohira, Nishanth Mekala, Thomas Pan, Rylan Medeiros, Sreehaas Balusu) also participated in the event. …

HHS students made their mark at the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Dallas last month. Sucheta Sunder took third place in computer modeling. Gabe O’Brien and Jacob Waxman finished third in the presentation management team competition. Vainavi Malisetty was third in economic research.

Local collegians shine

Alison Fujiyoshi was named to the dean’s list for the spring semester at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York.

Zachary Levy was named to the dean’s list for the winter term at Southern New Hampshire University. …

Caroline Carrazza was among 561 students to process at Stonehill College’s 71st commencement on May 22. …

Abi Brown was part of Lasell University’s annual fashion production, called Runway, held May 6-7. She served as one of the video editing leaders and a member of the scene support team.