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HHS limits access to boys locker room after multiple ‘issues’

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Education

Hopkinton High School Principal Evan Bishop emailed the HHS community on Friday to announce that the boys locker room will be locked after school due to repeated behavioral problems occurring there.

“I am disappointed to report that there continue to be issues in our boys’ locker rooms after school, including behavior that is unsanitary, destructive, and inappropriate,” Bishop wrote. “This behavior has recently cost the district significant money in repairs, and it creates unnecessary — and frankly disgusting — work for our custodians, who should not need to deal with this type of behavior.

“Mr. Cormier, our Athletic Director, sent an email on Wednesday morning warning that if anything were to occur again in the boys’ locker room, we would be forced to lock the team rooms and locker rooms after school. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours later, another incident was reported to the administration about inappropriate behavior in the locker room after school.”

Starting Monday (March 28), coaches will unlock the locker room for athletes to change, and students not participating in spring sports will not be allowed to use the room after school, Bishop explained. Students will have to find an alternative area to store their equipment and belongings, similar to how things were handled for athletes when COVID restrictions were in place.

“Needless to say, I am incredibly disappointed by this behavior and I am embarrassed that I even have to send this note to students and families,” Bishop concluded. “If anyone has any information about the recent destruction in the locker room, please contact me. Historically, Hopkinton High School students have fostered self-respect, Hiller pride, and incredible regard for their school, their campus, and their community members. I ask for everyone’s help and support to restore that atmosphere moving forward.”

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  1. Lynn Beecher

    Class of 83 here! We never had problems like that in my years of high school! School is too easy these days. Build a community center so these students can burn off energy! Get Legacy Farms involved! God knows the own half this TOWN.

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