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Hopkinton administrators address racist comments by students on social media

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Education, Z-Lead Image Front Page

The following email was sent to the schools community on Tuesday.

Dear Hopkinton Families,

Recently, the High School and Middle School Administrations received information from members of the school community alleging that a few students, ranging from HMS to HHS, made offensive and racist comments on social media. This allegation was deeply disturbing and was fully investigated. This student behavior proved wholly inconsistent with the high standards of behavior expected of our students and staff.

The racist posts underscore that anti-racist work must be bolstered within our schools and community. Throughout the summer and into the coming school year, we will challenge our school community and the residents of Hopkinton to take an anti-racist stand. Our hope is that parents and guardians will also choose not to remain silent. The schools and the community must stand together as partners to build a future for every child that is free from oppression, racism, and bigotry.

While allegations of this type and the disruption caused by an investigation are disturbing, we ask that you respect the privacy and confidentiality rights of those involved.  We are limited by law in the amount of information that we can share in order to protect the privacy rights of students who may be involved. We recognize that this incident may cause distress for parents and students. If your child requires support, please contact any member of our Administrative Team who can coordinate assistance with counseling or other services. As always, school personnel and resources are available to support our students.

In closing, please know that we remain steadfast in our hopes for positive change in our schools and community, and we will always try to do better.


Dr. Carol Cavanaugh, Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Alan Keller, HMS Principal
Mr. Evan Bishop, HHS Principal