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India Association thanks Hopkinton community for ‘unconditional support’ after incident

by | Aug 23, 2020 | News

Editor’s note: The India Association of Greater Boston released the following statement Sunday regarding last weekend’s India Day incident on the Town Common.

India Association of Greater Boston, known as IAGB, has been celebrating August 15 as India Day to commemorate India’s Independence and celebrate Indian Americans’ rich culture and traditions with utmost vigor and grandeur with a cheering crowd of thousands in the heart of Boston for the past several decades.

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions on the large gatherings, this year IAGB brought India Day celebration along with the flag-hoisting ceremony to over 35 towns and cities in the New England region, while working with town/city administration for approvals and permits and adhering to all the safety and town/city recommended guidelines. Among these 35 towns/cities, Hopkinton is one such town IAGB organized the India Day for, while collaborating with town administration, South Asian Circle of Hopkinton (SACH) and broader Indian American community in the town, and in compliance with the social gathering norms in light of the COVID situation. The event was celebrated with adherence to the U.S. flag protocol.

IAGB acknowledges the untoward incident that impacted the India Day event at Hopkinton Common on August 15, 2020, and also accepts the apology rendered by the perpetrator published in the leading town newspaper, Hopkinton Independent. It is important to realize that despite any indignity, the community of Hopkinton has always persevered and will always come across stronger. We all have survived through our collective strength, and IAGB would like to thank SACH, community organizations and the town officials and citizens for their unconditional support and standing by IAGB. You and everyone in the town have been so kind, supportive, cooperative and understanding! IAGB cannot thank you enough for supporting us.

We appreciate and applaud the Hopkinton community coming together.


— IAGB  


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