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Letter to the Editor: Barnes for state representative

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Letter to Editor

In the “new” 8th Middlesex District, Loring Barnes has the best overall experience, on-point ideas and the right energy to properly represent Hopkinton on Beacon Hill. We Hopkinton residents (and taxpayers) deserve a strong voice to ensure that our concerns are heard on Beacon Hill and to drive results that tangibly benefit our community. Loring Barnes is that strong voice and will drive results.

Loring brings real world experience as a Millis Select Board member, for an extended term, and has demonstrated success in community development, growth and fiscal responsibility. She successfully executed Millis’ coordinated response during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her experience with budgeting, planning and economic development are exactly what we need in our district. Her past experience working with the MBTA gives her knowledge of the inner workings of state politics.

However, Loring is far from a career politician. Loring brings her many years of practical business experience with her and is, frankly, the most qualified candidate to tackle the main concern of Hopkinton (and the other three towns in the 8th Middlesex District) taxpayers: affordability. She has a private sector mindset that keeps her focused on the bottom line, zero-based budgeting and the maximum return on investment. She is not shy to challenge questionable spending requests and will fight for her constituents.

Loring is the best candidate for both the individual taxpayer and businesses. Having run a successful small consulting firm and seen both sides of government contracts, she knows and understands the value of competitive contracts but even more how to restructure the process to both reduce taxpayer cost as well as expand business opportunities.

As a mother, businesswoman and care advocate for her elderly parents, Loring is well in tune with the issues that affect us and will fight for each of us.

My vote is for Loring Barnes, and I hope she can get your vote as well.

— Chris Alicandro, Hopkinton

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