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Letter to the Editor: Capitalism over socialism

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Letter to Editor

I can’t believe my fellow citizens actually want to destroy capitalism for socialism. Socialism has been tried all around the world with zero success. Now you socialist Democrats think you’re smarter than everyone before you and that only you can make it work? Not a chance.

Socialism will bring big government into our lives and affect us in ways never before known in America.

The government will control things like health care and education. It will impose restrictions on energy, devastating our economy. It will ignore the second amendment and take our guns. It will re-impose regulations, taxes and fees to small businesses, preventing growth and even being unable to open in the first place. It wants to open borders that will cause millions and millions of illegal immigrants to simply walk across the border and disappear into the states. We don’t know who they are or where they are going. This will start to exhaust our resources such as schools, hospitals, housing, etc. All of this will cause massive tax increases — yes, to all of us, not just the big manufacturing companies, of which many will move out of the country, as is what happened under Obama/Biden. Thank Trump for bringing many back!

Capitalism, on the other hand, will bring small government with less intrusion into our lives. It will lower taxes all around, even for big companies, which will promote growth, increasing pay and employment. It will control immigration. We will still be the most welcoming nation in the world, having 4-6 million people each year coming in, and we need them legal.

Capitalism leads to success and a strong nation!

Socialism always leads to repression, oppression and failure.

— Kevin P. Kohler, Hopkinton

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1 Comment

  1. Amy Groves

    I respectfully urge Mr. Kohler to consult the Democratic Party platform, available at Democrats.org, so that he can work from a more accurate and informed perspective concerning Democrats’ goals and values.

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