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Letter to the Editor: Coutinho’s leadership vital

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Letter to Editor

I write this letter in support of John Coutinho for re-election to the Hopkinton Select Board. In the unknown financial situation that we are sure to face John brings his knowledge, experience and creativity to assist the town in weathering the storm.

John has an impressive and diverse background working for the town. As a member of the Select Board, Planning Board and Zoning Advisory Committee, John has helped guide Hopkinton to one of the most desirable towns in the commonwealth. John has a progressive vision but will always maintain his love for Hopkinton and its unique charm and history.

I have had the pleasure of working with John on two town department/committees I am involved in. Being a police officer in Hopkinton for over 30 years I have seen dozens of Select Board members serve the town. I can honestly say John has been as open, engaging, involved and caring as any Select Board member that served the town. I am also a member of the Friends of Hopkinton. When we started to organize our first Family Day three years ago I went to John and asked his assistance. There was nothing more John wanted to do than help an event that brings the neighbors of Hopkinton together. John has been involved in our successful Family Days since. This is the essence of who John Coutinho is. A community member, a community helper and a community leader.
With the downtown revitalization on the horizon, trails being proposed, continued building in town and a financial crunch sure to occur we need John’s strong leadership and experience to help guide us through these upcoming years.

Please join me on June 29 and casting your vote for John Coutinho for the Hopkinton Select Board.

— Patrick O’Brien, Hopkinton

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