Letter to the Editor: HDTC chair proud of all candidates


As the chair of the Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee I am very proud of the slate of candidates that are in our local election and, regardless of their partisan affiliation, they stand extremely qualified on their own credentials. To note, members of this committee advocate to help elect these candidates locally, regionally, statewide and nationally, and we believe in and are part of our committee’s mission. In addition, we advocate for social justice, inclusion and equality.

Members of this committee spearheaded the inclusive preamble added a few years ago to our town charter, organized the movement to change from [Board of Selectmen] to Select Board, marched in Pride parades and much more.

I am most importantly proud that we stand up against and denounce acts of hatred and social injustices that continue to exist in our society.

Remember, politics is simply advocating for what you believe in.

Remember, vote by mail or in person on June 29th.


Darlene Hayes, Hopkinton


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