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Letter to the Editor: Loss of green space at Town Common disappointing

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Letter to Editor

Let’s  be clear about what is happening to the downtown green space: 7,000 square feet of USABLE green space which is attached to the Town Common is being eliminated. Will the Scouts, Garden Club, Polyarts, etc. be crossing Marathon Way to the Doughboy triangle to sell or exhibit their “wares”? Will the trees along Marathon Way be happier when the grass beneath their drip line is replaced by asphalt?

Call the 7,000 square feet of green space that is attached to the Common what you want, it is still part of the Hopkinton Historic District. It should have been protected. The [Historic District] Commission, a legal entity as defined by Massachusetts law, failed to honor [its] purpose, which is to preserve and protect the property located within the LEGAL BOUNDARIES of the Hopkinton Center Historic District. This includes roadways.

The 18,000 residents of Hopkinton were deceived as to the goals and objectives of the downtown project and the real costs that are being incurred.

— Beth and Rick Kelly, Hopkinton

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