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Letter to the Editor: Morand for School Committee

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Letter to Editor

As a lifelong resident, mother of grown children who attended our schools, social worker and educator, I write to support Holly Morand for School Committee. I came to know Holly six years ago when she became my graduate level intern when I served as Director of Hopkinton Youth and Family Services. We developed a strong partnership where I relied on her as a trusted colleague, capable of caring for our residents in a way that focused on their strengths. She approached her work with each person as if they were members of her own family, listening to their perspectives and providing support in a way that valued their rights to dignity and respect.

Holly was equally skilled in her work with community stakeholders, realizing the importance of understanding their perspectives to create shared solutions to community-wide challenges. I have remained connected to Holly since then, watching her raise her own family, advance her career as a behavioral health researcher, practitioner and advocate, and become an active supporter of the community we both love. I have seen her dedication to continuously improving Hopkinton and admire the attributes that make Holly an ideal candidate. First and foremost, Holly leads with kindness and listens with an authentic desire to understand. She advocates fiercely, taking the lead when it makes sense, and providing space for other voices to be heard. She is an ally, with a genuine respect for diverse experiences and views. She has strong instincts that are essentially rooted in empathy. At the same time, she uses research, science and reliable data to guide her views and decisions. She works hard to fully understand important topics from various perspectives, thinking critically and listening carefully to the lived experiences of those most effected. She holds herself to a high standard of conduct, professionally engaging with people in a way that is civil and respectful. She shows strong judgment in managing complex situations, arriving at reasoned decisions that integrate an appreciation for the various pros and cons involved. Perhaps most importantly, she understands the value of working together, and her candidacy is motivated by a genuine desire to serve our diverse students.

Our students need School Committee members who are level-headed, courageous and inclusive. This is Holly, and this is why she will have my vote.

— Denise E. Hildreth, Hopkinton

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