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Letter to the Editor: Morand for School Committee

by | May 10, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I am pleased to endorse Holly Morand for the two-year School Committee seat.

Holly brings a depth of knowledge, broad qualifications and proven collaboration to the table for School Committee.

Two things I am impressed with is her past work in Town Hall with former Youth & Family Services Director Denise Hildreth, who has endorsed Holly and I respect greatly, and Holly being chosen to be on the Freedom Team Board of Directors, which is doing incredible work in areas of inclusion and diversity. The board of the Freedom Team is a true collaborative effort, with representation from the schools, police, Select Board, School Committee, SACH [South Asian Circle of Hopkinton] and more working as a team preserving freedom through unity in the community.

What our community and the world have been through is not “paranoia” or “fear mongering,” as I have heard some say, it is a public health crisis not seen in a century.

It is important that we have compassion, science-driven data and respect for the other boards in town, especially the Board of Health, to glean their expertise. The School Committee’s scope of governance is for the educational well-being of over 4,000 youth, the largest share of our town’s budget, one of the town’s largest employers and more encompassing than the mask/unmask issue that seems to be a social talking point.

The big picture is budgets, strategic growth planning, additional academic resources for students (whether special needs, gifted, etc.) and supporting the emotional well-being of the students and staff with mental health and anti-bullying resources, and I see no one better qualified than someone who has served in our Youth & Family Services office like Holly has.

I am voting for Holly Morand for Hopkinton School Committee, she has a proven collaborative track record, and I hope you will join me on May 16th.

— Darlene Hayes, Hopkinton

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