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Letter to the Editor: Open meeting law complaint crosses line

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I do not agree with School Committee members Joe Markey and Prof. Meg Tyler’s stance on masks. I think masks should be in place until our Board of Health Director mandates otherwise. I do, however, support the two School Committee members’ rights to hold a differing viewpoint, discuss it with community members, including any who may be considering running for office. I have served on the School Committee and subcommittees with my elected colleagues. We discussed and reviewed matters as long as we were not a quorum (less than three for the School Committee). We cannot be spending tax dollars on attorney fees and other costs going after two members who are doing their job. Let us agree to disagree, debate, but no vilification and creating perceptions of wrongdoing.

— Meena Bharath, former chair, Hopkinton School Committee

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