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Letter to the Editor: Protect forest from solar

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Letter to Editor

The Liberty Mutual solar project is not the best use of Hopkinton’s precious natural resources. Let me first say that I believe that solar power is very important for our future. I was happy to read that there will be some rules about where it is sited in the future. An acre of mature forest sequesters 30,000 pounds of carbon per year. Woods and trails protect wildlife, provide recreation and contribute to the beauty of our town. These 28 acres of woods which are proposed to be clear cut for the solar project are irreplaceable. Destroying Hopkinton’s forests makes our town less beautiful, livable and healthy. There are many industrial and more appropriate sites for solar farms. We should not be eliminating areas of the natural world. Let’s hope that humans get smarter soon.

— Carol Esler, Hopkinton

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