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Letter to the Editor: Rally organizer’s arrest deserved more coverage

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Letter to Editor

Editor’s note: For clarification, this letter refers to Monica Cannon-Grant, who organized the 2021 Town Common rally for Mikayla Miller, and Cannon-Grant’s recent arrest on charges of fraud, which was covered in the March 23 issue of the Independent.

As a person who grew up in this town, I’m ashamed to see such a lack of coverage regarding the Violence in Boston activist who portrayed this town in such a negative light. That woman helped turn that young girl’s death into national news and vilified this town. To fail to truly report on this woman’s actions does a disservice to that child, this town and its residents.

You barely used 100 words in coverage of her transgressions yet had no problem pushing her narrative of this town being a racist community.

The fact that this paper failed to follow up on this story is disheartening at very least. My father contributed quite a bit to this paper for years and I’m confident that he would be beside himself to see this buried in the corner on Page 5.

That poor child was owed better as was this town.

— Sean Fitzpatrick, Hopkinton

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