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Letter to the Editor: Ritterbusch ‘quiet but thoughtful and capable’

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Letter to Editor

I am so pleased to offer my endorsement for Amy Ritterbusch for Select Board, and in truth I encouraged her to run even knowing she would be very missed on the Planning Board. It has been my great privilege to work with Amy on the Planning Board (PB) that I chair and the Growth Study Committee (GSC) that she chairs. Her work is impeccable; and while we often agree, we don’t always, which is as it should be. Amy asks the tough questions and votes independently. Importantly, I always know she has done her homework, has considered all sides, and has worked ethically with complete transparency.

Amy is well known for her commitment to informing and including the public in the workings of town government. As a founding member of eHop and a board member since 2007, she is the go-to person for everyone if they want to find out more about past votes, upcoming votes or the issues at hand. This commitment to informing and including the public and her near-otherworldly ability to track and retrieve pertinent documentation is a great strength. She works at all times from a place of committed study, fierce commitment to transparency, and thoughtful deliberation of all the evidence and all the viewpoints.

Amy is one of those people who elevates the work of others and the boards they serve on together, not simply because she is always completely prepared, not simply because she asks the necessary and sometimes tough questions, not simply because she is unflinchingly committed to complete transparency with fidelity to process, and not simply because she has legendary follow through, but because Amy frankly sets the gold standard for all of that with unfailing commitment to the will of all voters.

Amy will make an exceptional Select Board member; a quiet but thoughtful and capable leader who is, importantly for our times, dedicated to social justice and inclusion. Amy also capably gets in front of issues — like improving access for others with eHop and spearheading the work to address the financial impacts of growth on our schools.

Please join me in voting for Amy Ritterbusch for Select Board, the best candidate for the office of Select Board I have known and supported, and before anyone rushes to find offense in my words, please consider that I am including myself and many others I deeply respect and appreciate when I say that.

— Muriel Kramer, Hopkinton

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