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Letter to the Editor: School Committee should make masks optional for all students

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Letter to Editor

As a Hopkinton resident and parent of a third- and fifth-grader in our community, I urge the School Committee to add a vote regarding face coverings to Thursday’s meeting agenda.

Subsequently, I would then encourage the committee to vote to allow ALL students in the district to CHOOSE whether they want to wear a mask, regardless of age and/or vaccination status.

Given Hopkinton’s vaccination data, our town has been granted the right to allow for OPTIONAL face coverings in our schools. As one of the most highly regarded school districts in the state, we should be at the forefront of a decision of this magnitude, acting as a trailblazer and a benchmark to other districts that meet the threshold. Cohasset was first, Hopkinton should be no worse than second.

We can also reference thousands of districts in other states where there is no mask mandate, and that show no statistically significant difference in the impact to districts or communities compared to those that mandate face coverings.

Additionally, if there is a vote in Thursday’s meeting with respect to the school calendar, I encourage the committee to vote to remove all non-federal and non-state holidays.

— Chris Melton, Hopkinton

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