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Letter to the Editor: We must learn from pandemic, fix health care

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Letter to Editor

How can a virus create such economic havoc and decimate a large number of people in a matter of weeks? In January the virus felt very remote since it was in China. Then came Europe, and we were still watching, helpless and sorry for what Italy, Spain and others were going through. While all this time went by, our country had the arrogance to believe that since we have the best of everything, we would vanquish this culprit in no time. But the truth is we are not the strong giant we think we are. None of the countries have come out victorious from the pandemic, including ours.

Sadly, it has uncovered many of our own American problems that put us far behind some other countries in regards to “stress” values. With the economy crashing down and job losses, we now face another health pandemic — one that leaves so many people without health coverage, adding to the many part-time workers who are without coverage. Although the government is trying to come up with a solution while the pandemic is being fought, it is a temporary fix, barely a band-aid if you are lucky enough to navigate successfully through an already overwhelmed system just to avoid financial ruin. What all of us must realize is that none of us is immune from these threats and, therefore, it is time to think of a better way, reflecting equity and justice for all during current and future pandemics.

Whether you pray to God or not, no matter which party you support, it is time to pull our resources together, the best one being human capital. Look around and see what human capital does: doctors, nurses, front-line workers, first responders, food workers, everyday people all over the country pitching in one way or another. With COVID-19 we’ve all become equal and one, which means we’re not so different after all. We are capable of empathy, resilience, acceptance and unity. It is incumbent upon us to pursue those efforts of unity and equality beyond the crisis to make this a better world for all. We must trust that human capital is the steady force that will create and generate new ideas needed to overcome the many problems uncovered by this pandemic. As we create more space for love for one another, we must create solutions to fix our very American problems, including our health care system, something we all deserve.

— Nathalie Scott, Hopkinton

Editor’s note: This story appears in the April 22 print edition of the Hopkinton Independent.


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