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Letter to the Editor: When will Main Street construction end?

by | May 3, 2022 | Letter to Editor

The Main Street Corridor Project, which was sold to residents as a “two construction season” project, has now entered its second construction season. The project is apparently already delayed by one year, as the project specialist recently advised that the project is “on schedule” with an October 2023 end date.

Per a Sept. 26, 2019, HopNews.com article: “Also at issue is a five-year length of time on the easements, leading some people to conclude wrongly that the construction will last five years. Chair Brendan Tedstone clarified. He explained that the plan called for the work to be completed in two construction seasons, beginning next year. Mr. Tedstone explained that the remaining years were for the warranty period.”

Per an Oct. 2, 2019, Hopkinton Independent article: “We’ve been apprised that this will cover two construction seasons,” Khumalo stated. … It also was noted that construction season generally runs from April through November, depending on weather conditions.”

Per a June 1, 2020, MetroWest Daily News article: “Design plans have been completed and the project is scheduled to go out to bid in the next four to six weeks, with bids likely due back in September or October. The bid process will likely determine the actual start of the work, said Herr. Construction is expected to take about two years.”

Per a Dec. 2, 2020, MetroWest Daily News article: “ ‘We’ll be working in earnest in the corridor,’ said Herr. … Construction is slated to take about two years.”

Per March 15, 2022, communication with town engineer: “The Town’s response has always been to questions related to the anticipated project duration … I recollect the general response from the Town always being that for a project this size it would be a two- to three-year project.”

If the town “always” knew that this would be a two- to three-year project, why did Norman Khumalo, Brian Herr and others make the above statements to the press and residents?

How can a two construction season project be “on schedule” when the estimated completion date is three construction seasons after the project started?

— Sandra Ward, Hopkinton

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