Photos: Russ Phipps celebrates 100th birthday


Longtime Winter Street resident Russ Phipps celebrated his 100th birthday Tuesday morning with a surprise drive-by celebration featuring vehicles from the town’s Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

Daughter Marcie Caporizzo had made it a goal for her father to get at least 100 birthday cards for the occasion, and she reported that he had received 108. That doesn’t include the 200-plus cards and letters he received from local elementary school students. Caporizzo read one letter, from a fourth-grader named Julia. The girl indicated she was learning about the Holocaust and, as someone who is Jewish, she was especially thankful to Phipps for his service during World War II (click here for more on Phipps’ life story).

Hopkinton American Legion representative Mike Whalen was on hand to present Phipps with a special walking cane with a carving of an eagle’s head at the top.

During the drive-by celebration, Hopkinton Police Officer Phil Powers stopped to give Phipps a challenge pin to commemorate his military service.

Phipps expressed appreciation for the festivities and joked that he looked forward to seeing everyone again in another 100 years.

Russ Phipps smiling
Russ Phipps arrives for his 100th birthday celebration. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Marcie Caporizzo
Daughter Marcie Caporizzo shows some of the cards and letters Russ Phipps received for his 100th birthday. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Phil Powers
Officer Phil Powers waves after presenting Russ Phipps with a challenge pin to commemorate his military service. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps party
Russ Phipps’ vehicle is adorned with 100th birthday decorations. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps waving
Russ Phipps waves to the convoy passing his Winter Street home. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps with cane
Russ Phipps tries out the new cane he received from Mike Whalen, representing Hopkinton’s American Legion post. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps with daughter
Daughter Marcie Caporizzo directs Russ Phipps to the end of his driveway for the celebration. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps with newspaper
Russ Phipps shows the Hopkinton Independent article about him. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR
Russ Phipps with pin
Russ Phipps displays the challenge pin he received from the Hopkinton Police Department. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR