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Scientific developments subject of local author’s new book

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Business, Featured

As the world of science and technology seems to be advancing at warp speed these days, it’s hard not to think about what the world could be like in the years to come.

Could we live on Mars? Will robots become part of our households? Will we have pet dinosaurs? Maybe we’ll teleport from one place to another? These are just some of the possibilities discussed in the new book, “Welcome to the Future,” written by Hopkinton resident Kathryn Hulick and illustrated by Marcin Wolski.

“I’ve been writing about science and technology for years,” said Hulick, who contributes regularly to the online publication Science News for Students and has published other nonfiction books on artificial intelligence, energy technology and dinosaurs. “When I was 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be an author, but I never intended to be a science writer. I wanted to write novels.”

Her new book is geared toward curious middle schoolers and compels young readers to consider a very interesting way of life in the future.

Kathryn Hulick

Hopkinton resident Kathryn Hulick has a new book coming out in November, “Welcome to the Future.”

“Welcome to the Future” contains 10 chapters, and Hulick likens each to their own individual book. Each chapter ponders a science or technology topic and examines scenarios that could affect our future way of life.

Chapter 1, Robots Everywhere, takes a look at how robots might influence our everyday lives someday.

Writes Hulick: “Wouldn’t it be awesome never to wash dishes or fold laundry, ever again? And most people don’t want to work long hours at a stressful or dangerous job or do piles of boring homework. If robots could take on any type of work, people might live life as a never-ending vacation. It sounds amazing?”

The chapter then goes on to discuss some of the negatives associated with having robots in our society.

Chapters also delve into areas such as dinosaurs as pets, artificial intelligence, living forever, cities in space and much more.

Although the author has a science background, she completed extensive research for her book and sought out and interviewed more than 50 experts in the field.

“Welcome to the Future” also interestingly begs the question: Just because future science and technology may allow us to do certain things, does that mean we should?

One section discusses living forever and asks if we were to develop the science for eternal life, should we use it?

“There’s a lot of different voices involved in a question like this. Who decides if we should or we shouldn’t?” asked Hulick. “The book gets into some deep questions.”

“Welcome to the Future” is set to be published in early November and will be available online. Hulick is having a book launch Nov. 15 at the Plainville bookstore An Unlikely Story. Virtual events discussing the book also are planned for Nov. 13 and Nov. 30. For more details, visit KathrynHulick.com.


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