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Letter to the Editor: Ashley Fogg for School Committee

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Letter to Editor

I am writing in support of Ashley Fogg for School Committee at the Town Election on Monday, May 15. Along with strong experience from her previous volunteer positions in support of the Hopkinton schools, Ashley brings a fresh, independent perspective to the School Committee. I am excited that Ashley is running for School Committee for a few reasons. First, Ashley is a parent of young school-age children — a voice that is (and historically has been) absent from our School Committee. The needs and opportunities for the youngest students are different than those of high school age, and a passionate voice in support of this population would be a welcome change. Second, for Ashley, with three young children, excellence in Hopkinton public schools is personal to her — this seat on the School Committee is an opportunity to ensure that the excellence of Hopkinton Public Schools continues long term by effectively managing the exponential growth we’ve seen in our student population.

I have enjoyed getting to know Ashley over the last few years, and we have talked regularly about many aspects of the Hopkinton Public Schools, including academics, social and emotional learning, and inclusion and diversity. Ashley always brings a balanced perspective, is great at understanding both sides of each issue and, ultimately, cares deeply about our schools and our students. She brings a problem-solving mindset, which is incredibly valuable to the School Committee and to ensure continued progress. Please join me on May 15 in voting for Ashley Fogg. Her experience, commitment and passion for excellence in our schools make her an ideal candidate for our School Committee.

— Jared Pray, Hopkinton

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