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Letter to the Editor: Coutinho has earned right to return

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Letter to Editor

I served on the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen (as it was then called) from 2010-16, and overlapped for several of those years with John Coutinho. Based on my experience with John then and since, I am pleased to endorse him for another term on the Select Board.

John is a hard-working and dedicated man who has served Hopkinton well on the Select Board for the past six years. He is always the first to volunteer his time to any cause, and usually the last one to leave any town meeting. His energy is boundless. We worked together through some complex issues, and John’s knowledge, perspective and positive attitude were always welcome contributions to any situation. John truly cares about this community, and the town is unquestionably a better place for his service.

I am a registered independent and a nonpartisan voter. Hopkinton is blessed this year to have an outstanding group of candidates running for multiple offices, and particularly so for the Select Board. I know both candidates well, I appreciate their long-term service to the town, and I genuinely like and respect them. I wish both could join the board to bring their energy and viewpoints in these difficult times.

However, John has built a strong record as a member of the Select Board, and he has earned the right to continue to represent us. His knowledge of town finance and operations will be particularly valuable as the town navigates the challenges ahead. For all these reasons, I will be pleased to vote for John Coutinho for the Select Board on June 29.

— Ben Palleiko, Hopkinton

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