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Letter to the Editor: Coutinho ‘shows up for everyone’

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Letter to Editor

I write in support of John Coutinho for Select Board. I have known John since 2009 when I was fortunate enough to move across the street. It should not surprise you that in addition to being active in the community, John is active in the neighborhood. He ALWAYS is available to fix a roof, troubleshoot cable or tend to a leak in the bathroom, and, get this — he will also nitpick. Does that mean he will be a great person for the Select Board? Not necessarily. But here is what does:

John shows up for everyone. If you look at his friends and supporters you will see the results of this. It’s not just one group — not old versus young, not red versus blue, and not my side of town versus yours. People all over town recognize his commitment to Hopkinton and its continued progress.

John recognizes that the best results come from diverse discussions. He can even change his mind. And that is what we need. Someone who is not so invested in being right or having all of the information but instead someone who considers his own point of view, his biases, and is open to learning from others to attain the best outcome for Hopkinton. 
Personally, John and I have debated sensitive topics many times, and I have never felt disrespected or dismissed. In fact, I come out armed with more information and an understanding of a different point of view. So does he. This is what we should all aspire to in our conversations. This is what makes John a great friend, ally, and community servant.

John does not just go along to get along. He speaks his mind and acts with integrity. He has a track record of working with meaningful organizations all around Hopkinton. He supports local businesses and growth, all while respecting Hopkinton’s history. What we have seen accomplished in the last several years alone speaks volumes: multiple underrides allowing for more transparency to the budget process, a new library, new turf fields, a new DPW, new miles of trails, the new Bobbi Gibb statue, a new canine unit, improved relations with the BAA, increased marathon bibs for Hopkinton organizations, and so much more. These may not be John’s accomplishments alone, but they show what can be accomplished when the community and its boards work together.

I do not think any of us know what is yet to come, but I feel confident Hopkinton will continue to thrive and meet the challenges ahead with John on the Select Board, which is why I intend to vote John Coutinho on June 29. Please join me.

— Ellen Scordino, Hopkinton

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