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Letter to the Editor: Fogg for School Committee

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I am writing in regards to the upcoming School Committee election and specifically one candidate, Ashley Fogg. I have been a resident of Hopkinton for five years, currently have four children enrolled in the Hopkinton Public Schools district, and am a former educator with a master’s degree in teaching. Voting for School Committee members is something that I do thoughtfully and with careful consideration, and Ashley Fogg has my vote!

Ashley Fogg and I worked together for the past two years as co-coordinators for HPTO Appreciation at Marathon Elementary School. The role involved coordinating donations, planning events, executing setup or cleanup of activities, keeping a budget, and communicating with other volunteers and administrators — all within the unprecedented constraints of a pandemic. Ashley’s skill set and experience will translate seamlessly to her role as School Committee member. More specifically, my time working alongside Ashley Fogg in a volunteer role highlighted her selfless dedication to our community and schools. She has the utmost respect and appreciation for the work that our educators and school staff do on a daily basis. She was eager to listen to my ideas and also provide critiques and suggestions in a collaborative way. I have full confidence that in the role of School Committee member, Ashley would continue to listen thoughtfully to the opinions of others. It has been a privilege and a pleasure working alongside Ashley!

Ashley was raised in Hopkinton and returned several years ago to raise her own family. Ashley is an active member of Faith Community Church and is a presence around town at recreational sports events with her own three children. As a mother of young students in the district, she has a vested interest in the longevity of Hopkinton Public Schools’ performance and quality of education. She values this community and has a lengthened understanding of its past. This is an essential quality unique to this candidate, as School Committee works to decisively navigate future challenges that our district will face. Her ability to think creatively will be an asset in tackling increased enrollment, budgetary constraints and school building needs. I can think of no one on the ballot more qualified and committed to advocating for our students, our schools, and our community. I urge you to consider voting for Ashley Fogg for School Committee!

— Erin D. Sparrow, Hopkinton

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