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Letter to the Editor: LaFreniere for Select Board

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I am writing in full support of Mary Jo LaFreniere run for Select Board. Mary Jo’s commitment to this town cannot be overstated.

She spent years on the Board of Assessors, one of the quiet boards that many people don’t realize is so vital to the workings of our town. That is where she became my mentor. I learned how important it was to both take the financial needs of the town seriously and to have empathy for those who needed support meeting their financial obligations. She took great care to instill the gravity of the job and how it affected the town on me. At the same time, she served for many years on the Marathon Committee, organizing one of the biggest events for Hopkinton, ensuring Hopkinton shone as we came into the multinational spotlight yearly. Finally, she followed through on her commitment to ensuring seniors are able to remain in their homes in Hopkinton by being part of the Tax Relief Fund Committee. She worked tirelessly in many ways to make Hopkinton a welcoming place where all voices matter.

We are privileged that she chose to run for Select Board and extremely lucky to have had her wisdom to guide us during these past two years. After how exhausting these years have been, we are lucky to have her running again.

— Lya Batlle-Rafferty, Hopkinton

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